FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Have any questions? We have all the answers for you!

This page contains the frequently questions students most students have in their mind. If you have any questions relating to the admission, programs, tuition etc. You can find answers to them below. If you have any other question that is not answered on this page, feel free to contact our online representatives at any time of the day!

Have any questions? We have all the answers for you!

The admission team is active 24/7 to provide assistance. You can contact them via email, call or live chat options available on our website. It is will be ideal to provide them the specific details including your student number and program.

What are the admission requirements?

All students must be at least 16 years of age at the time of admission. If not, you must have the admission form signed by your parent or a legal guardian.

Students are required to submit their previous academic qualifications which will be verified by our admission staff. Students must at least a high school diploma for enrolling in a bachelors program or undergraduate bachelor’s degree to enroll in a master’s program.

It is advisable for students to submit all their transcripts in a timely to avoid any unnecessary delays.

How can I enroll?

You will be required to fill up the online enrollment form with the requisite details. You will be then asked to set up a payment plan and require to pay initial admission fees that fits your budget. You can also pay up the full tuition fees at the time of enrollment.

Is it to apply for a program if I live outside the UAE?

Yes, you can apply to study from outside UAE.

Is it possible to transfer previously earned credits?

Yes, we provide students the facility to transfer their previously earned credits. All they require is to submit their official transcripts from their previous accredited institutions in a timely manner. This will allow us to apply to perform for their credit transfer in a smooth way.

What type of software or system is required to study for an online course?

Students just need to have Microsoft office installed in their systems and a good internet connection. You are ready to begin your course immediately with your personalized student portal.

Do the courses offered by you will fit my schedule?

Yes, all the programs are flexible to meet your convenience and time. Which means you don’t to follow a specific schedule and study from anywhere and anytime around the world.

How much time would it require to earn certificate or degree program?

The courses offered by us are all self-paced, so you don’t to worry following rigid deadlines to study your certificate, diploma or degree programs.

How long will it take to receive my degree after I graduate?

We make sure that your degree and transcripts will be mailed to you within 1o to 15 days after you graduate.

Do you offer career assistance courses?

Yes, we offer several career assistance courses in numerous fields that help students to become successful professionals of tomorrow.

How much are the total program fees?

The tuition fees are reviewed and constantly updated by our financial professionals. The fees vary from time to time so check our web sites and stay updated with the most current semester tuition fees or contact our online admission department.

Do you offer any scholarships or payment plans?

Yes, we provide students with a variety of scholarship opportunities and payment plans. Students must apply as early as possible to avail the scholarships. Students could also get interest-free monthly installment payments and other variety of payment options to reduce their overall tuition fees.

How is your privacy policy?

We have a strong policy to keep our student personal details secured and confidential. Our online education portal makes sure none of the student’s information is shared with any third parties. Guaranteeing no misuse of the personal information.