About Us

Mission & Purpose

Providing High Quality Education through Best Online Programs and Teaching Methodologies

UAE universities portal is a leading online education portal that provides excellent learning opportunities with flexible programs for all non-traditional students across the UAE and around the world.

We were established to provide individuals with a platform that aims to deliver excellence through vast experience in the online education industry. We are keen to provide students with success through our top Degree, Diploma and Certificate programs from our accredited online partner universities. Allowing each student to gain the knowledge, skills, and expertize that are essential for their long career success.

Academic Services

UAE universities portal provide all students an equal opportunity to acquire top quality education by flexible means. Through our platform students get their university degree online without any hassles. We aim to provide students complete peace of mind to make their academic journey easy and more successful. Following are the academic services that we offer to students of our partner universities in the UAE.

Scholarship & Financial Aid Program

UAE universities portal keeps a strong belief that each individual must have access to high-quality education. In this regard, all our partner universities are keen to help students financially. They offer them an excellent scholarship and financial aid program worth millions of dollars, each academic year. Enabling them to study at some of the prestigious universities online. Both merit and non-merit based scholarships are available for students across the globe.

Student & Alumni Center

UAE universities portal has developed an interactive student alumni center, where our students, faculty members, and other academic staff are highly encouraged to communicate with our partner universities. The student and alumni center is an online portal, where students can easily access and view their scholarships, financial aid, course material etc. Students also get access to contact their teachers and faculty members any time of the day.

Free Consultancy

We run a team of academic student counselors that provide students with top-of-the-line support to make sure they get an exceptional learning experience. Our student counselors are active round the clock to provide answers all academic and career related queries instantly.

Career Opportunities

Open Doors of Countless Career Opportunities

Our partner universities in the UAE offer programs that are designed according to the latest trends in their respective industries. These programs are in accordance to the challenging and technologically advanced professional world today. UAE universities portal has always looked up to the demands of each field and work in accordance to provide students with excellent career development plan that open countless career opportunities in the UAE.


Accreditation is a fundamental aspect that promises the authenticity of a university or college by a strict evaluation process conducted by independent agencies worldwide. The institutions that request an agency’s evaluation to acquire their accreditation are required to meet their criteria. Accreditation organizations then evaluate them according to the regional or national requirements by keeping the faith that the university or college will keep their promise to the students and confirm their authenticity.

The core benefits of institutional accreditation include:

  • Government organizations only offers financial aid facilities to only those institutions that are accredited by recognized accrediting bodies.
  • Several academic institutions only accept students to enroll for further programs who have acquired education from accredited colleges or universities previously.
  • Several academic institutions only accept students to enroll for further programs who have acquired education from accredited colleges or universities previously.
  • Many employers offer job opportunities to only those students that have gained their qualifications from accredited institutes.

Partnership Program

UAE universities portal partners with regionally accredited universities and other educational institutions around the world. Educational consultants and leading corporations around the world can partner with us, in terms of the program options and courses offered by our online education portal. We strive to provide students the most affordable learning opportunity with our global partnerships with 90 percent certified partner educational institutions. Interested agencies and organizations could partner with us through the most suitable options available to them below:

  • Educational Consultants and agents
  • International Colleges and Universities
  • Engineering
  • Organizations/Employers
  • Large Services Groups

Successful Alumni

Thousands of students in the UAE have already benefitted themselves earning their accredited qualifications from us. Several alumni have acquired high ranking jobs at leading organizations worldwide and enjoying high perks and privileges. Their success story has been a clear example of how our degree and certificate programs have managed to provide students with excellent opportunities in their respective field.

From reputable engineers to successful business consultants, we own a long list of professionals that have climbed their industry ladder by the help of studying at one of our programs online. Enjoying career success, regardless the tough economic and financial conditions in the UAE and across the globe.

Program Options

Explore Top Quality Programs Leading to Your Career Success
UAE universities portal offers excellent Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral degree and certificate programs through our accredited partner universities at a wide array of fields. Students who are interested to explore excellent opportunities for career success could enroll at their desired program through our simple online portal. They have the liberty to choose a specific course according to their preference, academic credential needs, and job requirements. All our academic experts are always present to help students choose programs according to the current economic conditions and their respective job market.


Our Bachelor degree programs provide students with a strong foundation to begin a lucrative career and a successful life. All our bachelor degree programs are affordable and match the requirements of leading organizations.


Our Master’s degree programs are designed to provide students the next level job they highly deserve. By earning a master’s degree in your desired area could give you a higher job satisfaction and better chances for higher earnings.


A doctorate degree helps positon professionals as leaders in their respective industries. A post graduate masters from us could help you solve critical issues and provide you a passage to climb high above your organizational hierarchy.


The certificate programs offered by our partner universities aim to provide students the appropriate form of education that trigger their career ahead. These programs are affordable and designed flexibly to fulfill your academic credential needs.